Dr. Cindy Maddeaux

Dr. Maddeaux graduated from the University of Calgary in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, receiving First Class Honours and graduating on the Chancellor’s List. She received a University of Calgary Undergraduate Merit Award as well as the Alberta Heritage Fund’s Louise McKinney Scholarship recognizing exceptional academic achievement. During her undergraduate training, she completed research in the area of stress and Health Psychology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Behavioural Research Unit, the beginning of her lifelong interest in how stressful life experiences impact health and mood.

Dr. Maddeaux completed her graduate training at Carleton University, graduating with a Master’s of Science with a Specialization in Neuroscience in 1990. She received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship which funded her research on the impact of stress on neurochemical changes and the role that neurochemistry may play in mood disorders. Dr. Maddeaux received a second Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Scholarship to extend her research at the Doctoral level, graduating with a PhD in Psychology in 1996.

Dr. Maddeaux extended her training in stress and well being through her work as a Clinical Intern and Research Fellow at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus between 1994 and 1996. During her training, she conducted diagnostic assessment and individual therapy as well as group psycho-educational programs in the Stress Management, Eating Disorders, and Marital and Family Therapy Clinics. Dr. Maddeaux became keenly interested in the Cognitive Behavioural model, particularly how stressful life experiences may alter complex thought processes and belief systems which can profoundly affect mood, personality development and relationship functioning.

Dr. Maddeaux joined the private practice of Blouin, Blouin & Associates in 1996, now the Centre for Cognitive Therapy. During her years in private practice, she has actively continued her training in cognitive-behavioural therapy, attending training programs with the renowned Cognitive Behavioural experts Dr. Albert Ellis, Dr. David Burns, Dr. Christine Padesky, and Dr. Jeffrey Young. She participated for many years in a collaborative program between Columbia University and the National Institute of Mental Health in developing computerized psychiatric diagnostic programs which have been widely used in epidemiological and clinical research. Dr. Maddeaux has been active in treating clients with depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, body image issues, obesity, complex personality issues, and relationship difficulties. In more recent years, she has taken a greater interest in the interaction between mood and relationship difficulties, finding that by providing additional couples and family therapy, complex psychological difficulties are often far more treatable.

Dr. Maddeaux brings many years of experience in a variety of Cognitive Behavioural based techniques, including classical cognitive restructuring, metacognitive therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Dr. Maddeaux is well known for being highly informed on current research and controversies in the subjects she discusses with her clients, being collaborative but at the same time providing sound advice and clear guidance, and forming close, warm and enthusiastic relationships with her clients.

Dr. Maddeaux loves living and working in the older, central neighbourhoods of Ottawa after growing up in the modern city of Calgary. She has been happily married for 25 years and loves raising her two children. The four of them are fanatical “foodies” who enthusiastically try every great restaurant in Ottawa and enjoy their summer vacations in the Thousand Islands.