Clinic Team

Dr. Cindy Maddeaux, Ph.D, C.Psych

Clinic Director

Dr. Cindy Maddeaux is a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists with 25 years of experience in private practice. She treats adult and adolescent clients in the areas of anxiety and mood disorders, trauma related disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders and relationship difficulties. Dr. Maddeaux has considerable experience in helping professionals address the complex workplace challenges which can exist in demanding professions such as medicine, law, politics, policing and the military. Dr. Maddeaux is a strong believer in enhancing treatment outcome by identifying and addressing additional life factors such as marital stress, parenting difficulties, and strained family relationships which can interfere with recovery when treatments targeting the initial complaint have resulted in insufficient reduction of symptoms. She takes a multisystemic approach which may include couples, family and parenting therapy where necessary. Dr. Maddeaux is known for her ability to form close compassionate relationships with her clients, her deep empathy and her use of humour in therapy. She has a reputation for being extremely efficient and maximally informative in each session.

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Corrine Easy, M.C. (Psych), C.Psych Assoc.

Director of Child and Youth Services

Corrine Easy is a member of the Ontario College of Psychologists and has been working in child, youth and adult mental health for over 15 years. Her areas of expertise include the treatment of the full spectrum of anxiety disorders including separation anxiety in young people, phobias, depression, eating disorders, behavioural disorders and emotional regulation problems, particularly early signs of borderline personality disorder. Corrine is known for her commitment to delivering practical, intensive and highly effective interventions. She helps her clients understand their psychological symptoms, the cognitive mechanisms driving these symptoms and the appropriate application of techniques to stabilize and remediate them. She is an expert in the treatment of conduct problems and is passionate about providing treatments to help children with lagging skills stabilize problematic behaviour. She is known for her ability to engage treatment resistant children and teens through innovative clinical methods and her deep empathic skills in forming strong connections with all her clients. She’s a strong advocate for youth in the community and school system. She has a reputation for helping connect youth with school supports so they may experience success academically despite their mental health struggles. Corrine is a member of WPATH and is welcoming of individuals of all ages experiencing gender identity concerns.

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Lee-Ann Campbell

Treatment Coordinator

Lee has extensive experience and training as a Medical Office Administrator and has held previous positions as a Medical Research Coordinator and Accounting Clerk. She has worked for a number of family physicians and medical specialists in the Ottawa area and brings years of experience working collaboratively with patients and managing confidential information. Lee takes a very warm and down to earth approach working with clients and is highly knowledgeable about the services she delivers. She believes in high quality client services from the waiting room experience to scheduling, coordinating appointments and managing billing and client accounts. Lee is available to assist our clients and physicians with any questions they have about the assessment and treatment procedures at the Ottawa Psychological Health Centre.

Jennifer Peddar


Jennifer Peddar is a Clinical Therapist and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has provided psychological based assessment and treatment over the last 7 years to children, youth and adults for anxiety, depression, personality disorders, trauma, and stress management, as well as interpersonal challenges in relationships and families.